Sunday, September 28, 2008

Online Adult Toy Survey Reveals The Most Popular Sex Toys

A recent online survey done by Best of adult toys .com polled 50 Canadian women between the ages of 25 - 75 (average age 34) to gain insight with their adult sex toy shopping experiences and preferences. The results were nothing but intriguing:

When asked "Have you ever purchased an adult toy / sex toy or novelty, and if so where?"

55.2% at a adult toy retail store
34.5% at an adult toy home party
10.3% at a tradeshow / event
0% online
0% said they've never purchased an adult toy
0% other

The fact that 0% of the women had not yet purchased an adult toy online was extemely surprising considering the adult toy industry is such a popular and ever-increasing market online. Canadian shoppers are still somewhat behind-the-times when it comes to online shopping compared to their American counter-parts. Adult novelties are big business in America, generating approximately 1.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2005, according to the AVN report. Millions of novelty items are sold in stores, through mail order and at home parties every year. In light of this information, the results of our next survey question did bring us hope for Canadian shoppers...

"Would you consider buying an adult sex toy or novelty online in the future?"

70.6% Yes
29.4% No

When asked from a comprehensive list of both male and female adult toys and novelties, "which products they would consider purchasing online for themselves or another?" the Top 3 products were:

#1 Vibrators
#2 Bath Products
#3 Massage Products
#4 Lubricants
#5 Kits for Lovers

"Vibrators" was certainly not a surprising answer for the number 1 product. According to the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey, 43% of Americans own vibrators used for sexual enhancement. This percentage is likely very similar for Canadians. The following were the results polled from our survey of Canadian women:

"Have you ever bought a vibrator, and if so what type was the first vibrator you ever purchased?"

82.4% said "Yes" to buying a vibrator

47.1% said "it was a Rabbit or Dolphin Branch-style vibrator"
17.6% said "it was a smooth vibrator"
5.9% said "it was a bullet-style, egg or pocket-rocket vibrator"
5.9% said "it was a jelly vibrator"
5.9% said "other"
11.8% said "they had never bought a vibrator"

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