Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Would You Like To Party at the Playboy Mansion?

Who doesn't fantasize about partying like a rock star, smoozing with the stars, and playing with Hef and his bunnies at the Playboy Mansion? BestofAdultToys.com and blogger Missy K will be attending the Kandyland Masquerade Party Feb 28th, 2009 and we'd would love to see you there too! Learn more info on how you can get tickets to attend or how you can get an exclusive invite to this ultra glam and sexy party, click here.

p.s. If you can't attend... check back to our blog for our exclusive Playboy Mansion party pics of the bestofadulttoys.com ladies and myself, blogger Missy K.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blow-up doll sex suspect arrested in Australia

From time to time we come across news articles that are just too juicy, interesting or bizarre to not share. CNN's recent news story of a blow up doll sex suspect being arrested in Australia, is just one of those:

(CNN) -- Police in Australia have arrested a man accused of breaking into an adult shop and having sex with blow-up dolls, it was reported Wednesday. The 23-year-old allegedly broke into the Laneway Adult Shop in the northen Australian city of Cairns on several occasions, having sex with a doll named "Jungle Jane," the Cairns Post reported.

It earlier quoted the store's owner saying the burglar always cleaned up after himself, but the dolls were dumped unceremoniously in an alleyway behind the store. "He has been taking the dolls out the back and blowing them up and using the dolls and leaving them in the alley," he said. "It is totally bizarre."

Police have charged the unidentified man, believed to be from the city's Manunda suburb, with four counts of breaking and entering. They told the paper that DNA samples had been recovered from one of the dolls.

"Following intelligence-based inquiries, we attended a Manunda address and made an arrest," police spokesman Jason Chetham said, according to the Post. [Read the full story on CNN here]

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monthly Sexual Horoscope for February 2009

Bookmark our blog and check back on the 1st of each month for your Free Monthly Sex Horoscope.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Mars is in your sign from February 4 on, which means this month is very important to you from a love perspective and you won't be in a mood to compromise on any level. You already have an idea of how this month should play out for you with regards to sex and your love life, but try to leave a bit of room for a surprise or two or being open to trying something new for added excitement (perhaps foreplay at a hot new restaurant with some ultra tempting sexy cuisine everyone's been raving about, or taking in a sensual massage at a luxury spa your partner has always hinted about trying.) Try to make this month less about what you have in mind, to what is best for both of you (if in a relationship). In terms of sex toys (for couples) we highly recommend the We-Vibe vibrator as a gift for this Valentines Day. The We-Vibe is a sensational new silicone vibrator designed for couples (made with NASA technology.) If single, you know what you want this month and it involves you and someone new. Make an impression with kissable, lickable Chocolate Mint Kama Sutra massage oil of love or Chocolate body paints, and extra thin Kimono condoms. A lunar eclipse on February 9, 2009, on the other hand, may finally bring an end to a relationship with a loved one or close friend.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces in relationship can look forward to a February that’s renewed with passionate sex with your loved one. Being a part has made you remember how much you really love being together, and you will rekindle over candlelight this month. Sex toys not needed… simply enjoy each others bodies like you did when you first met. (Okay, perhaps some lube is a good idea though. We recommend Astroglide. If you are planning to going anal... Astroglide X) For Valentines, replay your first Valentines date you had together to remember and reminisce in the intimacy. For the single Pisces, this month is a hit or miss. Some may get lovin’ where and when they least expect it; and for others a dry spell may hit and last well into March. (Yikes… in this case, yes bring on the sex toys.) For men we recommend Sue Johanson’s Super Head Honcho for a good one-on-one good time and for ladies… it’s time to upgrade the old jack rabbit vibrator. Treat yourself this Valentines Day to something that safe, non-toxic and 100% silicone Layaspot "lay on, vibrator".

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Venus enters your sign on February 3 and stays there for the rest of the month. A new love or object of affection has been introduced into your life and you'll spend the most part of February 2009 getting to know this new sweetie of yours and learning their likes and dislikes. In the sexual department, there is much more anticipation than actual action, but regardless of this, things are still hot. A lunar eclipse in Leo on February 9 suggests being wary of any overbearing tendencies or approaches you may have in communications or handling with your lover and in other personal relationships. You need practice letting others take the control. (the sexy fantasy bondage kit for beginners or a good rubber whip would set you straight.) Valentines Day may not end us as romantic as you anticipated but you'll be content with just one-on-one time and enjoy a quiet evening.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

February 2009 is a busy month for Taurus, so it will be important for you to take time for yourself this month, especially around the lunar eclipse on February 9th. Unfortunately, this month, you'll be so busy and set on the career path, that there will be little time for sex, let alone to be thinking about it. For those who are single, keep your eyes on the prize with your career and achievement, as this is the time to be pursuing your dreams while the sun and Mars are in Aquarius this month. There may be an encounter or potential relationship brewing in the background, so you will want to assess how much you are willing to commit and be clear with your intentions to others. For those Taurus in relationship, be extra sensitive to your partners needs, but also be clear in your communications with them with what to expect from you this month. Be gentle, and empathetic to your partner who needs to feel your affections. If you are not around on Valentines Day, go the extra mile in terms of effort to spoil them from afar. "Delivery!" Go beyond the ordinary flowers (but still get the flowers) Send them a love package which includes naughty treats that you can look forward to using together when you return. I highly recommend sexual items that are for two... the We-Vibe vibrator, kissable, lickable Kama sutra massage oils, a sensual lubricant, and perhaps something your partner would never expect, like the screaming O pleasure ring. You understand the importance of your partner's needs, so go all out this February to the best of your ability.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

This February 2009, your sexual energy carries over from January and it's spraying all over like an out-of-control high pressure fire hose. You've also captivated the attention of not just one, but two potential lovers and they want it bad from you. But you knew this already, didn't you? You will naturally be more attracted to the one who is displaying energies opposite to you, and if you are looking for something short-term -- this is the one for you. For the Gemini that is serious about commitment, you should not rush into anything this February, but take the time to get to know your potential suitors. Yes, this means hold off on the sex for now... but foreplay is okay. Get the Screaming O bullet vibrator and have fun teasing each other with it, as a precursor of what may come in future! Build up your sexual energies and release them at the right time. For those Gemini already in a committed relationship this is your month to shine in your partners eyes. Pluto has moved out of Sagittarius, where it was putting pressure on your relationship in the past few weeks, but February and Valentines Day brings with it the chance to refresh, renew and romance. May I suggest for you to indulge with your partner in some new fantasies.... try the Lovers Slave Kit. For those looking for something a little more romantic try the Kama Sutra's Raspberry Treasure Trove which has kissable, lickable, tingling Oil of Love Massage Oil, tasty Honey Dust body powder and Pleasure Balm.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

There is a disharmony as Jupiter is transitioning into Venus, which may cause you to feel less sensual and affectionate than you normally are. External stresses (such as work, a recurring pain, a sexual issue, or other financial problem) may also be having an effect on your libido. And with Valentines Day just around the corner, you are having mixed emotions seemingly towards everything. The cure for you is to simply take a day or two for yourself in this first week of February to have some thinking time, to sort out financials, or do something just for you like a pedicure or spa treatment to get you back to your relaxed, easy-going self. However, do not to let yourself get financially stripped by spending on lavish meals, shopping or stays at a hotel. Get creative this Valentines Day at home... perhaps plan a romantic dinner for two followed by foreplay with the Jimmy Jane Afterglow Hot Wax Massage Kit, or take in some real adventure with a ride on a new sex swing with your lover. For singles, be wary as well of lavish spending this month (especially on new romantic partners) as it may not last as long as you think, and you may not be "getting any" even though it seems like it's a sure thing. Do, however, make a point of celebrating Valentines day with a close friend or someone special. A sexy chocolate fondue, nice bottle of red wine, a night in with a movie and a cuddle on the couch is how your Valentines day is lining up.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leos can look forward taking a pleasure trip this month to somewhere new. Although plans were to re-connect with a loved one on a romantic level, it may not happen as planned, or at least until the end of the month. If your libido is running low, it's time to get running... literally. Much needed exercise with get your blood pumping and your sexual hormones back on fire. Also, go out of your way to seek some new aphrodisiac foods or sexual stimulants to help rev up that internal engine. May we suggest the Intercourses book or Eros Desire Sexual Stimulants for Women or Eros Fire Sexual Stimulants for Men to give you an extra boost in the right direction? There will be hot, passionate sex on Valentines Day if you seek it.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

This month Virgo is glowing and overflowing with highly sexual personal energy and magnetism. Clearly you are in for a month of hot, steamy affairs and interludes with romantic partners. New adventure and kinky positions await you if travelling to somewhere new, and especially on Valentines Day. Consider a short-trip or weekend getaway to do it in style. Don't forget to pack your Kama Sutra Weekend Getaway Kit for Lovers to indulge in each others bodies with lickable, kissable treats. You have great potential to be "the best lover ever" to another if you invest in the effort of wanting that. You must care more about your relationship with your mate and be more sensitive to their needs and feelings in order to achieve the status you want.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

A disharmonious aspect of transiting Venus to Pluto brings an increase of your sexual energies and you may find yourself going to the dark side. For the single Libra, try not to get too involved in sexual relations with someone new that you don't know too much about. Keep it light, keep it friendly and keep a bit of distance. Remember that your intentions, may not be their intentions. For those in relationships, now is the time to remind yourself that a happy and harmonious relationship and sex life takes concentrated effort, work and experimentation to keep things new and exciting. It's been awhile since you've tried something new, so we would like to recommend you steam things up with either the We-Vibe vibrator sex toy, or the Fantasy Sex Swing. You know you want to try it, so what's holding you back? Forget about it and just go for it! You won't regret it.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

It's February and cupid has shot an arrow right square in your sweet n' sexy Scorpio ass. You're trying to ignore it, but not doing a very good job. Now is the time to put your feelings on the table sort-to-speak with the person you are in love with. The expression of your feelings will bring them closer to you, even if you feel it may scare them away. There's no sense in holding back and letting your fears get in the way of what could be a really good thing. For Scorpios in long-term relationship... sex has been somewhat non existent lately, which is all the more reason to fire things up this month. You have the perfect opportunity to surprise your partner and get them screaming with orgasms just like when you first met... if you play your cards right. For this Valentines Day... plan for a romantic dinner, early evening walk and intimate discussion. Then bring out the dark chocolate, red wine and sensual Kama Sutra Mango Oil of Love (for starters) followed by an encore with the Screaming O Triple Pleasure Orgasm Ring AND Screaming O Fingo Wavy stimulator. These small, unintimidating, but highly pleasurable sex toys will have you feeling like kids in the candy store again. An "orgasm marathon" is in store if you simply make it happen.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

For the Sagittarian in relationship, you will enjoy many wild sexual encounters this month and some even better make-up sex session. However, your ambiguous attitude may be creating instability in your relationship without you even realizing it, so best to remind yourself to act more "certain" or "committed" if this is indeed how you are really feeling. When you are confident, you are sexually appealing to your companion and you get more physical intimacy from them... so put on your super powers and be king or queen of your domain. For you we recommend some one-on-one time with your partner re-connecting in a new way. Try the Nooki adult board game or Pillow Talk relationship game for couples, for an evening of fun and re-invigorated passion together. If you currently single and not involved with anyone, there is a possibility of an interlude near Valentines day with a new lover. However, don't get too excited or rush it by trying to nail down Valentine's day plans with them, as this may be too much too soon for them. It is very possible that this relationship will be short, since the communication established between each other was on a too superficial level when you met. It's also possible that your new lover, is still involved with an ex -- take heed.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

February 2009 is one hot n' kinky month for Capricorns in relationship... that is if they can get themselves up for the task. If premature ejaculation is an issue, try China Brush which is an ancient herbal remedy that can help. You'll soon be on your way and on top of your partner, sexing it up like a rock star in heat. On Valentines day, your elevated loving mood brings your romantic relationships to a very high level; but watch out for imposing attitudes with your companion that could spoil the mood and fun. Be sure to keep your partner in the loop sort-to-speak with your plans ahead of time so they can prepare. If you currently are not involved with anyone and female, this is the time to throw on that little black dress, stockings and red nail polish, get out and work it! For men, it's the same... just plan to be the one who is taking off the little black dress, stockings, and sucking on those sexy red fingertips. This is the lucky month for single Capricorns -- in which you may meet the person you've been dreaming of and get to have that mind-blowing, sheet clenching, wild no holds-barred sex with you've been fantasizing about. Now is the time to be daring and outrageous. For this, we recommend the Platinum Remote Control Vibrator (which can be controlled remotely from across a room!)
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