Sunday, March 14, 2010

NEW Sex Toy That'll Give Him a Screaming O!

It's not hard to notice when shopping sex toys online that there's noticeably more of a selection available for women than there is for men. Which is why we're extremely pleased to see Screaming O's latest mens sex toy product developed especially for the guys.

The "O Man" Screaming O Vibrating Pleasure Ring is designed to provide sensation to all his sensitive pleasure spots. A super stretchy (one size fits all) pleasure ring fits snug yet comfortably around his shaft. A super-powered vibrating stimulator and a testical stimulation "baller" attachment provides undivided attention and sensation to "the boys". A couple of other nice bonus features we all can love... it's Waterproof and includes the batteries! (which are also replaceable.)

The Screaming O Man's pleasure ring is sure to keep him screaming all night long ;)

Price $25.95 CAD (Aprox. $25.15 USD)

Buy Online, click here: O Man Screaming O Vibrating Pleasure Ring
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