Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We-Vibe II is Back In Stock!

If you've been searching everywhere on the internet for an "In Stock" We-Vibe II... look no further! is happy to announce that the New We-Vibe II is available and in stock awaiting your order.

Best of Adult Toys is also please to announce we have also introduced a We-Vibe II gift package special, which includes:

  • We-Vibe II
  • We-Vibe II Adapter
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • We-Vibe II Instructions
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Silver Bullet Vibrator
  • Anti-bacterial Toy Cleanser
  • Lube Sample
  • FREE Expedited Shipping
All applicable taxes are included in their low limited-time introductory price:

Buy the We-Vibe II Gift Package Special $149.95 CAD ($142 USD)


Buy the We-Vibe II online now $129.95 CAD ($124 USD)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ready for Valentine's Day?

It's that special time of year again... Valentine's Day! Are you ready for it? Like most holidays, often times Valentine's Day shopping is left to the last minute. A mad dash to your local adult store to pick up some naughty toys and treats, and then to the general store to pick out a card that says just the right thing and a grab for that last box of chocolates right? Or perhaps, this year was different?

With the internet only a push button and click away, many love birds are staying home to shop for their Valentine's Day gifts, cards and romantic sex toys online. With a larger selection than any store you could drive to can offer, the internet also provides the convenience of shopping from the comfort and privacy of your own home. No line-ups, no venturing into the mall crowds to unecessarily expose yourself to the H1N1, no parking wars or road rage woes, and best of all, no bumping into your neighbor or co-workers in the local love shop. It seems almost crazy we'd even dare to do it.

Our feature adult toys store, Best of Adult Toys even offers FREE Expedited shipping for orders $69+ so you'll receive your ordered items within just days -- delivered direct to your door or mailbox. Their Xpresspost option, even guarantees delivery within Canada in just 2 business days!

With Valentine's Day now just a couple days away, it's likely too late to order online to receive it in time, but, don't let that stop you! Most online sex toy stores stock up right before Valentine's Day and will have extra stock they'll want to sell afterwards at rock-bottom bargain prices. With deals and sales comparible to Boxing Day Sales, post-Valentine's Day shopping is at it's best for sex toy / adult toy items, vibrators, massage oils, candles and basically everything romantic and sexy you can think of.

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