Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shipping and Sex Toys in Canada

What's the Best / Fastest Way To Ship My Sex Toys in Canada?

Christmas is almost here; and it's likely you've already finished your online shopping for naughty gifts. Or have you? Typical concerns for online Canadian shoppers during the holdiay season is shipping / delivery time, ordering errors and gift exchanges. Typically shipping for sex toys in Canada can take between 1 - 15 days, depending on the delivery method. If time is of critical concern, you'll want to select Expresspost which offers guaranteed delivery in 1-2 business days. With Expresspost, you can safely order your sex toys (in Canada) with guaranteed delivery just in time for Christmas, anytime before Dec 19th (2008). online sex toy store in Canada recommends to always order early in any holiday season to ensure your gifts are received in time and in a safe manner. Ordering early can also ensure if any error is made, on part or the customer or shipper, that it can be rectified quickly. Before you buy sex toys online as gifts, also recommends that you ensure the online store you buy from will allow gift exchanges. Many online stores will not accomodate this, so it's best to be sure before you make your gift purchase. Rest-assured when you shop at, all gift orders are honored with hassle-free gift exchange if requested.

Buying sex toys in Canada?
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"How To Have an Orgasm?"

If I Had a Quarter for Everytime I've Been Asked This Question, I'd LITERALLY BE A Millionaire!

You may be surprised to learn that one of the most frequently asked questions posed to the Best of Adult Toys Store personnel, by women is "I've never had an orgasm. Which is the best vibrator to give an orgasm?"

In short, here's the answer: The best vibrator to help you have an orgasm that works virtually 100% of the time is.......(drum roll please...) the vibrating bullet vibrator. (above right; actual size)

Don't let it's size fool you. Packed inside it's sexy silvery chrome bullet vibe interior is a sensationally powerful vibe that will awake your clitoris from the grave. Simply turn on the micro vibe and gently touch your clitoris with it. If you've never played with your clitoris, or used a vibrator on it before, you may be extremely sensitive to the bullet vibrations (and possibly even feel like it's an uncomfortable sensation.) If this happens, just very lightly touch the vibe to your clitoris. After a few moments you'll start to notice it's getting extremely sensitive. (this is a good thing.) Try applying a little more pressure to the clitoris with the vibrator (you may start to feel your toes curl now.) You won't be sure if you should continue or not (but please do!) Before you know it your body will climax with pleasure; you'll feel your vaginal muscles tightening and contracting inside. A rush of pleasure will overcome your body like you've never experienced before. Yes, my dear.... you just experienced your first orgasm:)

May we recommend these popular vibrators for first-time orgasm'ers:

Screaming O Silver Bullet Vibrator
MySecret Vibrator

Wet Wabbit Vibrators

Have You Been A Naughty Girl This Year?

If You're on Santa's Naughty List, Why Not Ask Him for a Wet Wabbit Vibrator this Christmas?

The original 'Wascally Wabbit' is now known as the new & improved Waterproof 'Wet Wabbit Vibrator.' You'll love this popular rabbit pearl vibrator that features rotating white bouncy beads and a stimulating dual rotating shaft. Don't let the floppy bunny ears fool you... these bunny ears are frisky as ever and will tickle your clitoris to climax with an intense orgasm. The Wet Wabbit vibrator features multi-speed vibrations and easy to control push buttons. This jack rabbit vibrator can't wait to get wet with you because he's Waterproof! This wittle bunny wants to go home with you today.

Colours Available:

Purple Wet Wabbit Vibrator
Pink Wet Wabbit Vibrator

Buy the Best Priced Wet Wabbit Vibrator Online:

Buy the Wet Wabbit online from Canada's Best Adult Toys Store

Other Popular Rabbit Vibrators & Best Branch-style Vibrators available from the Best of Adult Toys store:

Rabbit Habit Vibratex Vibrator
Waterproof Wet Dolphin Vibrator
Waterproof Waterplay Turbo Vibe
Fukoku Rockin Roller Vibrator
Sugar Spoon Anal Vibrator
Red Elephant Vibrator
Lavendar Elephant Vibrator
Blue Dolphin Vibrator

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"All I want for Christmas is my Delight Vibrator"

As Christmas quickly approaches, naughty adults across Canada and the United States frantically search online to order all the items on their Sexy Santa List, in hopes that their sex toys can be delivered just in time for the big day. If the Delight Rechargeable Vibrator was on your list, you may just be out of luck this holiday season. This best-selling vibrator, made by German manufacturer Fun Factory, has been selling like hotcakes around the world and is back ordered by most sex toy distributors and even the best online adult toy stores.
Not to worry though, you're an adult and can handle not getting the toy you wanted for Christmas, right?
Well, for all those who waited too long and missed out on the Delight vibrator, we've put together a Top 10 list of "must-have" best-selling vibrators that are still available to buy online:
#1 Wet Wabbit Vibrator - The most popular waterproof rabbit vibrator with floppy bunny ear clitoral stimulation and rotating rabbit pearl bead action. The Wet Wabbit is available in pretty pink or passionate purple.
#2 WeVibe Vibrator - A couple-friendly vibrator that can be worn while making love. Provides unbeatable clitoral and g spot stimulation. Available in purple colour only.
#3 SnugglePuss Vibrator - Similar to the WeVibe but pink in colour and covered with textured stimulating nubs. A must have 100% silicone, non toxic vibrator for women. Can also be worn while making love.
#4 OhMiBod iPod Vibrator - Now you can love your iPod play list even more! The OhMiBod Vibrator is a mp3 player vibrator that attaches and vibrates along to the tunes of your favorite songs. It can also attach to an electric guitar, so if you man just so happens to play... this brings a whole new way for you to make sweet music together.
#5 Blueberry Naughtibod iPod Vibrator - The more curvier little brother to the OhMiBod iPod Vibrator. Just as soft & smooth, and beautifully packaged with it's own vibrator pouch.
#6 Fukuoku Rockin Roller Vibrator - Looking to get rocked this Holiday Season? You'll find no better a partner than the Fukuoku Rockin Roller Vibrator. Beautiful 100% silicone, non toxic vibrator that has a soft swirled exterior and branch style clitoral stimulator.
#7 Lelo Gigi G Spot Vibe - A soft and sensual, non phallic looking g spot vibe. The Lelo's brand top selling vibrator for women.
#8 Screaming O Bullet Vibrator - A small shiny silver bullet vibe that's sure to get you screaming under the Christmas tree and in front of the fire with a whole lot of pleasure this holiday season. Small but powerful, the Screaming O Bullet Vibe should not be overlooked. This vibe makes having an orgasm via clitoral stimulation... "easy." Makes an excellent sexy stocking stuffer.
#9 LAYAspot Vibrator - The new "Lay On Vibrator" from the German Manufacturer ~ Fun Factory. A 100% Silicone vibrator that sure to get you trying all sorts of new pleasurable positions with yourself, or with a partner. Splash-proof!
#10 LELO's LUX YVA Gold Luxury Vibrator - With a price tag of $1990.00 this is the world's most luxury vibrator, and probably most expensive too. Plated with 18k gold, this vibrator is truly a Christmas gift for the woman who has everything... or, if your girlfriend just so happens to be Britney Spears. (*wink ~ We love you Britney!) If you're on a budget, and looking for the equally pleasurable vibe that won't burn a hole in your bank account, may we suggest the Lelo NEA Rechargeable Vibrator.
Merry Ho Ho!

Vibrators Canada

I've entitled the name of this blog post "Vibrators Canada" as we'd like to pay homage to this wonderful term. Why? We give this term quite a bit of respect around here at the Canada's Best Adult Toys Store because not only because it drives pretty good traffic to our site, but also because it reflects "how and where" we Canadians are spending our money online. Although the term, specifically references "Vibrators" one can assume that if searchers are linking this product keyword with the geographic indicator "Canada"... they are most likely doing it for all sorts of popular products. i.e. "iPod® Accessories Canada" "sex toys Canada" "adult toys Canada" "wet wabbit vibrator Canada" "best adult toy store Canada" "best sex toy store Canada" and so on, and so on. In the uncertain economic down times / 2008 recession, it's reassuring to see that Canadians are being conscious about where they spend their hard earned dollar, and that they are keeping it within the Canadian economy by shopping on Canadian-based websites.

If you are not familiar with the Best of Adult Toys store, you may be interested in knowing that it only just came into existence this year in 2008. The newly launched website has officially only opened it's virtual doors for taking online sales since Nov 15, 2008. Owner Missy King notes that "We didn't know what to think when we started to hear all the gloom and doom about the Canadian and US economy. We had literally just put the finishing touches on our business plan and registered our business. It was a pinnacle moment of do we... or don't we move forward with this? Is this the right time to be starting a new venture? Fortune 500 companies, major brands and corporate entities were going bust on both sides of the border. Intimidating... yes. Enough to change our minds? Not a chance."

Missy points out that "When a recession hits, it effects everyone and all businesses; however, not all are hit in a negative way. Big box stores such as Costco that retail in lower-cost wholesale items actually become busier and more profitable, as do many vintage / second hand stores as money-conscious consumers look to save money. People also tend to stay home more to avoid spending money." Missy explains "When people stay home, online stores make money. Think about it. Almost every home in North America is on the Internet using it for information, entertainment and shopping. If people are staying in to avoid spending money outside of the home, that means they will be spending more time online and spending money inside their home. There's also incredible deals with competitive prices to be found online that are just to hard to resist ~ and not just for sex toys. Some say that adult entertainment is a recession-proof business, and quite possibly it is. We've moved forward full steam ahead with our online adult toys store and are not looking back. So far, so good... and although we can't let you in on the numbers, what we can say is that if 2008 is the worst we'll see -- then there's some really exciting times ahead that we are definitely looking forward to when the economy repairs itself."

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