Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top New Sex Toys to Try in 2010

Every year, the girls and I get together to review & discuss our favorites out of 100's of sex toys to compile our list of "Top New Sex Toys to Try" for the new year. So, without further a due, we bring to you our Top New Sex toys to Try for 2010:

1. Venus Butterfly Vibrator - This hands-free, wireless and ultra powerful wonder will have you wishing you hadn't of waited for so long before getting it. You'll enjoy getting the direct clitoral stimulation you need to orgasm with the freedom of being hands-free to enjoy other pleasure zones (yours or his), while he'll also have more of you to enjoy. Our favourite position to use this sex toy: Good ole' Doggie-style.

2. Platinum Collection Rabbit Vibrator - (Silver or Gold Rabbit Vibrator) This wonderfully wascally rabbit makes our top sex toy list for 2010, not only because it's probably the luxuriest and prettiest rabbit vibrator you've ever seen, but also because it's one of the best pleasers on the market. You can't go wrong with this rabbit vibrator and all it's fabulous features: Waterproof, 7 functions, 6 powerful speeds with non-jamming bead action, soft & pliable, and also made of unscented and safe TPE material. Simply sensational. Our favourite position to use this rabbit vibrator: Any position possible either in the bathtub, shower, or in bed with him.

3. Nipplettes Nipple Clamps - Why Nipplettes Nipple Clamps? Easy. Nipplettes give you something a little bit different. Powerful vibration that stimulates the nipples beyond what your normal pinch and twist can do. Our favorite position for this sex toy: Works great in any position, but we especially like wearing them when doing it doggie-style. Also, when you're in the mood for solo-play, simply lying back and letting them pleasurely pinch and play on your nipples is perfect. A single Nipplette Nipple Clamp also works great for stimulating the clitoris.... so the multi-purpose functionality goes a long way.

4. Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms - Okay, so it's not exactly a sex toy, but it's certainly worth mentioning on the list since they make the lives of women with latex allergies and sensitivities so much more enjoyable. It's suspected that up to 4-6 % of women may be allergic to latex condoms (and not even know it!). There's nothing sexy or pleasureable about that dry, itchy, burning feeling, which is why the new Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms make it to our list of top new trys. Ou favourite position to use: All positions of course :)

5. We-Vibe II - Hands-down, no questions asked -- the We-Vibe couples sex toy was the #1 best seller in 2009. Which is why we are extremely excited with the news of the new & improved We-Vibe II coming soon! Don't want to wait for the We-Vibe II? You can still order the original We-Vibe online from A favourite for couples! Our favourite position for this sex toy: 50/50% split decision between the Missonary and Doggie Style.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years from Best of Adult Toys!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best of love, happiness and success in 2010.

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