Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your Free Sex Horoscope for January 2009

January 20-February 18

Distractions may elude you in the first week of January 2009 and your committment level will be tested. It's a sign. Now is the time to start the year off on the right foot by making a solid decision regarding your love life and partner of choice, as well as solidifying committments and goals your are making for yourself. You may have been wavering these past weeks, but you are ready to make your move. The new year brings confidence and the urge to change things up. Follow your gut instinct, but ensure to take the time to ask your heart what it really wants first. You may find it helpful to write out your thoughts and feelings, take ownership of your contributions and faults in your previous relationship and plan out how you will change your ways. If you are letting go of a previous partner, you may choose to share your writings with them to help them understand your reasoning and bring final closure to the relationship; but don't be surprised if you do not receive the reaction you expected. (Don't be afraid of this either) Remember, what is meant to be, will be. Be wary of our soon to be ex-partner who will be trying to influence you with sexual advancements. You need to stay strong and not let moments of sexual weakness dissuade you from your new goals and committments. By mid-month your new found release and good energy is running high, as are your hopes in exploring new love. Anytime between the 23rd - 26th will be a perfect day to plan a romantic evening for the Aries woman or Aries man. Plan ahead for this exciting weekend by indulging in some exciting new sex toys! May we suggest something a little riskee, yet fun for you? Leopard print Furry Handcuffs or Pop Rockin' Body Sizzler Massage Foam are a great way to get the excitement started. Aries men and women will end January 2009 with some ultra-fabulous renewing and exciting sexual energy. Take advantage and explore it!

February 19-March 20

Single Pisces men and women ring in the new year with intimate family and friends. It may seem like a drag to always be the single one at family events, but don't let this set you back. January 2009 has something new in store for you towards the end of the month... and yes, it's super hot and sexy just like you've asked for! For the Pisces in a relationship, January 2009 brings you comfort, stability and closer intimacy in your relationship and you'll enjoy making plans together for the new year ahead. Now is the perfect time to plan a romantic holiday together to somewhere exotic. The Pisces in the relationship sometimes finds themselves asking "What about me and what I want?" You have to remember that a relationship is about 2 people, not just 1 (i.e. you). Stop asking "Why?" and cut out all the mental frik... be the agressor with what you want (i.e. sex). Your partner will respond in the way you've been wanting. January 2009 for Pisces is a time to spice it up! May we suggest the couple-friendly Screaming O Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring to rev things up and explore new orgasmic pleasures with each other. For Pisces men, earn easy brownie points by asking your lady what she'd like for Valentines day. Perhaps suggest something that would add extra pleasure and stimulation for her when you doing her laydown doggie-style, like the Layaspot "lay on, splash proof vibrator"

March 21-April 19

Confusion starts off the New Year for you January 1st, but don't let this discourage you; your efforts have not been in vain. You had your heart set on someone or something specific, but alas, they did not have their heart set on you or your thoughts in return. You may not be interested in hearing it at this point, but there is new love on the horizon for the Aries male and Aries female. You're going to have to stick it out the next couple of weeks until around the 15th when a series of unexpected events introduces you to a "connector". The connector will know someone with whom you should meet and an important romantic opportunity will prevail. On the 26th a romantic resolution emerges. As you'll be flying solo for the most part of January 2009 we recommend for you something that's a little more relaxing, self loving and indugent (versus a sex toy). Kama Sutra Spa Treasures of the Sea Bath Sands will be just the soothing indulgence for your body and soul that you need.

April 20-May 20 January 2009

for Taurus is month full of uncertainty when it comes to sex, love and passionate delights. Your focus is nowhere to be found, which is the core of the issue. You seem uncertain with what you want, not only with love but with life in general. You are looking for guidence and answers on a higher spiritual level, which at least is on the right track. You know what they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him you plans." Try not to make any plans this month and just let life happen. The answer you are looking for will unfold it you attempt not to force it. For Taurus in the bedroom, we recommend getting in touch with your dionysian artistic side. Whether you are in relationship or single, we recommend Chocolate body paint for you to paint whatever may be your sexual desires. Like a magic love spell, whatever thoughts, dreams and suggestions you paint on your body will ultimately crystalize into sexual reality.

May 21-June 21

Sex, sex and more sex. Do I really need to say anymore? Whether single or in relationship, the Gemini lover will have an insatiable month of love, sex and one night stands (if you want them). Your libido is running on high in January 2009, and this will be your highest sexual energy month of the year. Take advantage of it and be prepared with Kimono Condoms. You'll also need to restock your personal lube. Go get 'em tiger!

June 22-July 22

January 2009 brings in store many changes ahead in the new year for you and you'll find yourself actively planning the year ahead this month moreso than in previous years. Perhaps a move, or significant distance of travel mid year is in store that you must plan for now. The excitement of this change inspires you with a renewed sexual energy as well. Cancer women and men will both find they have an amazing amount of revived energy in January 2009 which will prove to be a key ingredient when cooking up spicy, sexy savory romance in the bedroom. Be wary of letting family members take over your schedule. It's important to put your foot down from time to time, so that you can enjoy what time you have off with your partner, or if your single... in finding a partner. This month you'll also find yourself experiencing sensations of cold and hot flashes. For Cancer women, we recommend the Pink Glass Wand Sex Toy which easily warms to the body, but can also be chilled for sensational cold stimulation on the nipples or other intimate areas. For Cancer men, we recommend trying the Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel which will help you last longer, perform better and pleasure each other even more!

December 22-January 19

Capricorn couples can look forward to some special one-on-one time with each other in January 2009. Last month for women we recommended the Lelo Vibrator for women the Tantus Black Cock Ring Sling for men. This month we carry forward this recommendation as both toys are excellent for couple's play. For the single Capricorn, there seems to be a thorn left in your side from last month. "What happened?" is the question you can't seem to get your head around. Everything seemed to be going great and according to plan, then from out of the blue it just ended. Single Capricorns will need to pick themselves up this month and get back out there mingling. There's no point reminiscing, or going over the details. It's a new year and it's time to start a fresh. You'll have the best success this year if you can focus on looking forward and spanking yourself each time you try looking back. To help you move forward in the 2009 new year in finding new love or a new sex partner, without being emotionally attached to the past, we recommend Kama Sutra Citrus Bath Cleansing Gel or Kama Sutra Mint Massage Oil of Love. Both products are spiritually cleansing and soothing for the soul and will promote healing. Don't worry about not having a partner to massage you with the Mint Massage Oil. You can simply use it to massage yourself (feet, legs, arms, belly, temples, neck, etc... wherever you can reach!) January 2009 will be a month of reflection and self healing for you, so really taking advantage of the one-on-one time with your self should be your priority.

July 23 - August 22

Leo women typically love a wild and social New Years, but the 31st/1st of January 2009 was a much more tame than expected... not that that's a bad thing, of course. You will find that this relaxed pace carries throughout the month of January for you both in and out of the bedroom. Leo women in a long term relationship do want sex; "want to want sex..." but are not quite feeling in the mood for some reason. You may want to consider boosting your libido with HER sexual stimulant or EROS Desire Female Enhancer. Don't take your sex life (and your partners love life for granted) Get on it! For Leo singles, the opposite may be true in which you are craving attention, sexual affection and want to be lavished with firey sex and love. January will be a great month for you to find it! Your intuition is strong in regards to the feelings and desires of others, so take advantage of it. Your insights will give you the edge to be an extra fucking fabulous partner in bed. Want to increase your sexual energy and stamina? Sexual stimulants offer an extra boost and internal fire, or you can simply apply that extra engery to working out... in the gym! Exercising always helps Leos streamline their focus, and gives them the time to think about what's important to them. It also gets your body's production of natural pheromones at it's highest, which will help to attract the opposite sex and get the attention you so deserve!

August 23-September 22

Although this may sound cliche... Virgos are thinking more about work and their career in January 2009 than sex. You have a need to get your priorities taken care of first before you can move on to thinking about self pleasure or sex, and that's ok so long as you DO make time for the pleasure eventually. This is especially important for Virgo's in a relationship. Ignoring your partner in bed can lead to disasterous consequences that will be difficult to undo. You typically attract very passionate partners, so you need to realize that you have to perform a balancing act at all times between career and love to be successful with both. Focus on work during the day, but leave your evenings dedicated to your partner. Even if it's just staying home to watch a movie together or cooking a nice dinner together then adding a sexy desert to share will suffice. If you want to have an edge at work and effortlessly maintain your sexual attractiveness to your partner, we strongly recommend Pure Instinct pheromone cologne which will instinctively make males and females act more respectful towards you and give you an appealing edge.

September 23-October 22

For Libra, January 2009 may not turn out to be what was expected. Your sexual desire and intentions are right on target, but external forces prevent you from getting what you want. (Cock blocked?) On the 17th you have a chance to regain your dominance in the relationship so take action on it when you have the opportunity. For Libra women, love and sex with another may start to feel stale. Although it may just be temporary for a month or two, we recommend the Wet Wabbit Rabbit Vibrator in the meantime to keep things hopping. Let your lover get in on the action, and then control the rabbit vibrator for you!

October 23 - November 21

Romance is on the horizon for Scorpio in January 2009. Last month we recommended the Rabbit Habit Vibratex Vibrator... known as the "the Rolls Royce of Vibrators" to get your sex life rolling with her. If you haven't taken advantage of this powerful sex toy, we strongly urge you to give it a try. She'll appreciate your extra effort and desire to put her sexual needs on the forefront, and reciprocate with some new moves and positions that even you hadn't thought of! What the heck are you waiting for??? For Scorpio men, EROS Fire Male Enhancer will give you the extra boost you've been thinking about and wanting in the bedroom. For lovers of the Scorpio Male, you may want to suggest he try it; but don't leave your lover in the dark. Make sure the score is even on the playing field and get some EROS Desire Sexual Stimulant for youself -- trust me, you'll be thanking us later.

November 22-December 21

Sagittarius men and women are in for a delightful January 2009 with new positions, adventurous sex toys, and love potions to try.... if of course, your lover is willing to try them. You may have to do a bit of convincing for your partner, who may at times be too "conservative" for your liking. You'll have to take the initiative and prepare. Buy something they'd enjoy like a massage lotion or bath and body product. Or, if you want to be adventurous and really get a reaction, try something a little more riskee or shocking that they'd have fun trying on you, like a rubber whip. Often the thrilling sensation of spanking YOUR ass hard with a rubber whip, will for the conservative types, ignite a new sexual deviant spark within themselves. The stars are in alignment with the best positions on the 17th, 19th thru to the 25th -- all which would be highly suitable days for seducing your partner and introducing them to new sex toys. Your sex drive will also be running on high by then, so best to get prepared for it now.

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