Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"How To Have an Orgasm?"

If I Had a Quarter for Everytime I've Been Asked This Question, I'd LITERALLY BE A Millionaire!

You may be surprised to learn that one of the most frequently asked questions posed to the Best of Adult Toys Store personnel, by women is "I've never had an orgasm. Which is the best vibrator to give an orgasm?"

In short, here's the answer: The best vibrator to help you have an orgasm that works virtually 100% of the time is.......(drum roll please...) the vibrating bullet vibrator. (above right; actual size)

Don't let it's size fool you. Packed inside it's sexy silvery chrome bullet vibe interior is a sensationally powerful vibe that will awake your clitoris from the grave. Simply turn on the micro vibe and gently touch your clitoris with it. If you've never played with your clitoris, or used a vibrator on it before, you may be extremely sensitive to the bullet vibrations (and possibly even feel like it's an uncomfortable sensation.) If this happens, just very lightly touch the vibe to your clitoris. After a few moments you'll start to notice it's getting extremely sensitive. (this is a good thing.) Try applying a little more pressure to the clitoris with the vibrator (you may start to feel your toes curl now.) You won't be sure if you should continue or not (but please do!) Before you know it your body will climax with pleasure; you'll feel your vaginal muscles tightening and contracting inside. A rush of pleasure will overcome your body like you've never experienced before. Yes, my dear.... you just experienced your first orgasm:)

May we recommend these popular vibrators for first-time orgasm'ers:

Screaming O Silver Bullet Vibrator
MySecret Vibrator

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