Monday, May 25, 2009

Sex Toy Review: Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

I wanted to try something new and different; so naturally, I went to my favorite sex toy store I checked out the vibrators section but decided I already had a drawer full of those (yawn)... I wanted something more. Soon enough I spotted something that definitely peeked my interest! "Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps"

The first thing I noticed, I have to admit was the color -- a soft sensual lavendar purple (my favorite.) There's something about that color that is just relaxing, which of course we all know in order to have a great orgasm you must first be "relaxed" (perhaps that's why.)

It seemed to have everything I was looking for (that I didn't know at first that I was looking for)... Power, self-contained, waterproof, smooth and seamless Rubber-Cote™ for maximum comfort, vibrating, adjustable, multi-purpose (use it on your nipples or your clit), push-button activation... and yes, even the batteries were included! Sold.

I ordered my Nipplettes Nipple Clamps online (and a new bottle of my favorite lube Astroglide X) and 5 days later they arrived in a nice crisp clean white mailing box labelled "mail order" (if only the postman knew;) I gleefully opened the box and voila... my very own Nipplettes Nipple Clamps! I couldn't wait to try them out, so of course... I didn't. Off to the bedroom I went.

I took them carefully out of the packaging and did a quick test on my finger. They were a little larger than I had envisoned which actually turned out to be a good thing as the extra size adds a bit more weight (= more nipple stimulation). The Rubber Cote was smooth, silky and surprisingly soft, just like the lavendar purple I had envisoned. Surprisingly, the vibrations were extremely powerful (similar to a bullet vibrator.) I adjusted the grip open and gently placed each on a nipple. A perfect fit! On an average of 1 - 10 I'd say I'm about a 6 or 7 when it comes to nipple sensitivity. Everyone's different, but with the Nipplettes on I quickly jumped that number up to a full-on 10!

Immediately, I felt the vibrations penetrate and begin stimulating my nipples. My shoulders slightly moved forward and my body was entering into my pre-orgasmic state of bliss.... O.M.G!

.... my new favorite toy :) I was coming close to orgasm with the nipple stimulation alone, but I decided I would try one of the clamps on my clit. A quick thought entered into my mind spontaneously "I should have bought 2 packs... darn! One for each nipple and another for my clit. I think my partner would even enjoy these on their nipples... okay, focus, focus on me for just now... ooOOMmmmggg! Here it comes....!!!...AhhhhHHhh!!!.... ooooo..... "

A quickie but a goodie:) After my brief few minutes of apres-pleasure relaxation I suddenly remembered I had forgotten all about my Astroglide X lube that was still in the box. I giggled to myself and noted it for the "next time," which probably was going to be sooner than later.

So if that wasn't enticing enough, here's a run down again for you of the Nipplettes™ Vibrating Nipple Clamp Features:

  • Powerful

  • Self-contained

  • Waterproof

  • Smooth and seamless

  • Vibrating

  • Fully adjustable

  • Simple push-button activation

  • Includes Batteries!
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Nipplettes Nipple Clamps ~ A 5 Star Review by Dawson K.

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