Sunday, March 22, 2009

How To Use Anal Beads

100% Silicone Anal BeadsIf you've ever wondered about anal beads and how to use them, you've came upon the right blog post! Although anal beads were invented centuries ago in the Orient, they are used commonly today and considered one of the "best anal sex toys" for adults. Used by both males and females, anal beads are designed to give a unique sensation of pleasure as your sphincter muscles open and close around the beads. Anal beads are used to enhance orgasmic pleasure, and when withdrawn at the peak of orgasm you may experience a climactic bliss unlike any other. If you're just discovering the joys of anal play, anal beads are a must-try.

So, what exactly are anal beads anyway?

Anal beads are a sexual toy (sexual aid) in the form of a string or series of round or rounded-shaped beads (pearls) graduated along a flexible nylon string (also called a “cord” or “stalk”). Some anal beads are evenly sized and spaced apart, while others feature beads that gradually increase in size or shape from one end to another. There is typically a handle or ring at one end that is used as a grip for pulling out the anal beads. Anal beads range of pliability from soft to firm, which depends on the material the beads are made with.

What are Anal Beads made from?

Flexi Felix Anal Beads by Fun FactoryAnal beads are available in a variety of materials depending and range from soft flexible jelly-types to firm rubber beads made of materials such as acrylics, vinyl, crystalline, crystalite, silicone, elastomer, as well as, even glass and aluminum metals. Sturdy silicone beads like Flexi Felix anal beads or classic pearl anal beads are hygienic, extremely comfortable, and easy to clean. Many anal beads are hollow spherical plastic shells with liquid or gel fills, than can be warmed or chilled prior to use. Liquid or gel filled anal beads can retain the cold or warmed temperature for a substantial period of time. The beads allow transfer of the heat or cold to the human body over a period of time during the use of the anal beads. We recommend buying higher-quality beads made out of just one material, which are typically easier to clean and maintain than simple lower-quality beads on a string.

How do Anal Beads Work?

O'My Maui Anal BeadsAnal beads create a unique sensation as each bead is inserted or removed from your butt. Your sphincter muscles contract and relax around each of the beads which provides this unique sensation. There's no "one" specific way anal beads have to be used, which makes them fun to experiment with and discover the ways in which they can be used to best please you. Some individuals love having anal beads slowly inserted and removed one by one; and others love having them removed all at once during climax to intensify their orgasm.

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